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Not mere legal advice,
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We are a commercial law firm that directs its portfolio of services to the fields of activity of its clients:

Protection against plagiarism, a stable price structure throughout the entire distribution chain, advertising without pitfalls - how does that work?

We will tell you. Our advice ist not (only) focused on solving problems, but always serves the purpose of your entrepreneurial success. There are many ways to achieve this goal - we help you with your orientation and provide the foundation for informed entrepreneurial decisions.

Where necessary, we enforce your position legally and argue for you - with commitment and strategic forsight.

On the following pages we present our services in detail. And if you are used to being informed by a law firm about the areas of law being dealt with rather than about specific possible solutions: we can also serve you with this.


We advise you on the selection of brands, help you protect your designs and protect you against unplesent surprises after market launch. In this way you ensure that your advertising budget does not go up in smoke later because you inadvertenly infringe foreign rights.

At the same time, you can be sure that by registering your trademarks or designs you will not have to fear competitors who were quicker during the subsequent marketing process.


Successful distribution depends on the choice of the right distribution system and its concrete and consistent design.

Whether selective sales or direct sales via eCommerce, franchise or authorised dealer network: the law determines the playing field. With us you use this framework to your advantage.


If you don't advertise, you die - that's the way the saying goes. But that's only half the truth: if you advertise wrongly, you may die as well.

We help you to design your advertising presence in accordance with the requirements of competition law. Attract attention without crossing legal boundaries.


The limits of price influence are set by antitrust law and are narrowly defined - price agreements are prohibited. We will show you - nevertheless - how you can enforce a reasonable price structure in compliance with antitrust law.

In addition, we davise you on the planning and implementation of special promotions, the introduction of discount system and much more.


Law firm› attorneys › Franz
Christian Franz, LL.M., Fachanwalt für gewerblichen Rechtsschutz

Christian Franz, LL.M.

(Master of Laws in Commercial and Business Law, Norwich/UK)
is a lawyer and specialist lawyer for intellectual property rights.


Law firm › attorneys › Paul

Michaela Simone Paul

advises our clients in particular in the areas of trademark and competition law as an attorney at law and specialist attorney for intellectual property law.


Law frim › attorneys › Kemper

Janosch Kemper, LL.M.

as a freelancer and specialist lawyer for information technology law, advises our clients mainly in questions of IT law, data protection law and copyright law.


Law firm › attorneys › Weidinger

Christine Weidinger

advises our clients primarily in the areas of competition and copyright law, the law of eCommerce and distribution law.


Law firm › attorneys › Kutscha

Dr. Christiane Kutscha, LL.M. oec.

is an attorney at law and a specialist attorney for intellectual property rights.


Dr. Matthias Böse

Dr. Matthias Böse

is a lawyer and advises our clients in the fields of e-commerce, competition, copyright and trademark law.


Law firm › attorneys › Busch

Victoria Busch

represents and advises our clients especially in the areas of trademark law, unfair competition and copyright law.




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