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It is striking that you often encounter a double "L"reason enough for a few explanatory words.

On the one hand, three of our colleagues have the designation "LL.M." behind their names. These are academic degrees which have their origin in the Anglo-American legal area. It is the Latin abbreviation for a "Master of Laws", a master of rights: "Legum Magister". The double "L", following the Latin language, serves to clarify that the abbreviation refers to a plural - namely "rights" instead of "right". Attorney-at-law Franz obtained a "Master of Laws in Business and Commercial Law" at the prestigious Law School of the University of East Anglia; Attorney-at-law Kemper was awarded the degree "Master of Laws in Information Technology Law" by the University of Düsseldorf and Attorney-at-law Dr. Kutscha completed a Master's degree in Business Law at the University of Cologne.

But our company form also has the double "L" in its name. It is a company under English-Welsh law, namely a "Limited Liability Partnership". The company form, which has also established itself for German law firms, offers numerous advantages, which is why it served as a model for the "partner company with limited professional liability" (PartGmbB), which has been created only recently.

Why did we choose the original? On the one hand, the legal requirements for the German partnership company have been quite unsuccessful. On the other hand, "LLP" simply goes much more casually than the abbreviation monster "PartG mbB" - and the legal form underlines the fact that we are also happy to advise our clients on questions with an international dimension.


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