Advertising and communication

Marketingmix - Werbung und Kommunikation

To be successful in the market, you need to communicate with your customers. This necessarily requires the development of a basic advertising strategy as well as the planning and implementation of concrete advertising measures. Here we advise you comprehensively on the legal admissibility of advertising measures, in particular with regard to competition law requirements.

You also communicate with customers through your brands. Therefore, the monitoring and administration of your trademark portfolio is another important component of your corporate communication.

What we can do for you:


  • Advice on the development of an advertising strategy
  • Legal examination of advertising measures and campaigns
  • Advice on advertising cooperations
  • Enforcement and defence of claims under competition law
  • Trademark monitoring and management



Advice on the development of an advertising strategy

When developing an advertising strategy, both business and legal aspects must be taken into account. This applies on the one hand to the basic content to be communicated through advertising and on the other hand to the way in which the advertising audience is to be reached. If the addressees are to be contacted directly, for example by e-mail advertising, it must be checked whether this form of direct advertising is permissible under competition law aspects. In principle, direct advertising by e-mail requires the consent of the addressee. Under certain circumstances, however, advertising e-mails can also be sent to existing customers without their consent. Do you have any questions? We will be happy to help.

Legal examination of advertising measures and campaigns

Would you like to design an advertising poster, produce an advertising spot or place online banner for advertising? Correct prices, no misleading additions and the unpopular "small print" - we check how you have to design your advertising campaign so that it meets the legal requirements. By this you can avoid unpleasant warnings, for example from competitors or consumer associations.

Legal advice on advertising cooperations

Together you get ahead - this also applies to advertising. Profitable advertising cooperations are a valuable part of the overall advertising strategy. Such cooperations should be governed by clear regulations in a cooperation agreement. Verbal agreements often involve the risk that ambiguities may arise about the scope of performance obligations or remuneration. This can severely disrupt the existence of cooperation and the mutual trust between the parties to the agreement. A written cooperation agreement, on the other hand, can put the cooperation on a legally solid foundation.

Enforcement and defence of claims under competition law

Competition stimulates business - but often also leads to legal disputes between competing companies. We check whether your competitor is in line with competition law and counsel you on how to seek targeted action against infringements of competition by competitors. At the same time, of course, we also advise you on how your company itself complies with the requirements of competition law and how you can best react to a warning letter in the event of a violation, for example. We support you both extrajudicial and with regard to preliminary injunction proceedings as well as to main proceedings.

Trademark monitoring and management

Brands have communication and advertising functions. Trademark monitoring and administration is therefore also an important part of our consulting services.

We monitor your trademark portfolio and inform you in case a competitor applies for a trademark that is similar to your trademark. In this event, we advise you on how to take action against new applications for similar trademarks by competitors. We manage your trademark portfolio, take over the correspondence with the trademark offices and thus ensure that you can focus on your core business.


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